Graphics Amazing by Jonathon Parris –

Graphics Amazing by Jonathon Parris

Advanced Imagery Demo

Motion Graphics & Web Integration for Desktop & Mobile:

The following motion graphics animation demonstration was produced using vector graphics and Adobe After Effects, rendered and formatted using professional motion graphics software. All visuals were produced by Jonathon Parris, audio resourced for demonstration purposes only.

Demonstration only:

  • concept production
  • illustration
  • motion graphics design
  • text rendering
  • effects rendering
  • vector production and assembly/integration for motion applications

Production Methods:

Direction and production are overlapping concepts, my work involves both perspectives. Graphics for this work were produced mostly in Adobe Illustrator.

Production Applications include:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe DreamWeaver(web)
  • WordPress CMS
  • HTML, JAVA, Jquery, CSS
  • hosting)

Adobe After Effects:

After Effects is a preferred professional motion graphics rendering software. This demonstration uses two dimensional objects to produce three dimensional objects(piano key).

  • motion graphics keying and timing with standard stopwatch
  • vector graphics assembly
  • motion concept development
  • thematic presentation
  • wireframe compositions
  • suggestive/implied motion
  • story telling and climax
  • title-text rendering

Adobe Illustrator:

  • custom design graphics production
  • vector design
  • motion graphics application importing

Original Artwork: AI, AE

Web Development

  • WordPress CMS
  • custom HTML, Java, Jquery, CMS and CSS
  • thematic design
  • visual identity
  • desktop/mobile presentation and compatibility
  • UI/UX design

Poster Artworks Demonstration: