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Resumé: Recent Work Experience

June 2019 Advertising
Cool Runnings Restaurant
• producing and updating visual identity
• logotype production
• website renewal demonstration
• producing business material (websites, menu, flyer, cards)

June 2016 Advertising & Social Media
Bhive Social Media Lab
• reviewing and interpreting industry related literature
• converting industry related material to business service announcements (web/social media)
• implementing content structures for website demo presentations
• producing business material (websites, brochures, cards) for use in audience retention strategies

October 2014 – January 2015
Graphics for Print and Web
Sub Terrain Directional Drilling Ltd.
• managing and integrating new visual identification over 3 platforms
• concept development, and creation of logotype variations, web photography and vehicle identification decals
• providing structured direction in response to associate recommendations including revisions and requests
• developing techniques for producing artwork in advertising scenarios

April – June 2013
Web Design
• direct – create visual content for a key automotive entertainment industry client
• interpreting business range statistics (creating social media infographics) based on periodically updated social media activity
• revising and maintaining multiple websites in consideration of client requests and director instruction
• consultation with clients regarding visual themes for web structure and narrative
• producing social media blog post headline images and graphics for various co-organizations
• conducting sound and conscionable operations in the design and acquisition of artwork for digital display in client websites + web UI/UX

April 2012, October 2012,  June 2013, October 2013, November 2014
Graphics for Print and Web
DRAW!/School of Design/George Brown College
• designing and drawing various material for presentations, visual identification and events
• painting at formal events in privately funded and volunteer capacities
• attending strategy–orientation sessions for events and ad material
• producing and managing event assets including photography, and artworks in pre and post project time lines for social media presentations
• developing–producing works for visual identity platforms including logotype, posters, postcards, brochures, photography and digital graphics/artworks

January 2011, March 2011
Graphics for Print and Web
Studio Lab/School of Design/George Brown College
• interpreting direction from George Brown clients for broad project resolution
• developing and producing corporate identification and audience oriented advertising material
• consistent attendance to orientation sessions
• providing personal insight toward unique thematic designs for print or web
• producing a wide range of design solutions for desktop backgrounds, logotype, graphics and illustrations

Jonathon Parris 2017


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My name is Jonathon Parris, I am a professional Web Designer and Graphics Designer 3+ years experience producing graphics for web and print under commission by small business and non-profit employment including performing text/typesetting, copywriting and proofing, producing web structure templates, concepts or compositions including physical(print, sketch, diagrams) reference material and wireframes for web/electronic or display applications, producing physical and/or digital graphics and image concepts or compositions using traditional processes including water colour, oil painting and sketching/drawing and digital processes including vector/raster artwork and image production for animation, typography, illustration and infographics, producing logotype and wordmark/logotype concepts according to business theme and relevance, photo-editing for events and advertising using industry specific digital applications such as Adobe Creative Suite, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects and Microsoft Office + Excel, Web FTP/CMS, HTML, JavaScript CSS, SEO, WordPress, Twitter and FaceBook. My credentials and qualifications include an Arts Foundations Certificate(2007) and Graphic Design Diploma(2011) George Brown College/School of Design, and 3+ years working with clients and directors in professional capacities including conducting written and verbal correspondence and visual presentation components for content publishing, and visual identity systems or applications representing businesses such as Cool Runnings Restaurant(2019), Sub-Terrain Drilling Ltd.(2016), and George Brown College(2011, 2010 Studio Lab – under direction by GBC instructors).